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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Chris Bass @ Vacant Space

A great idea from some young and up-n-coming event organisers: "Vacant Space - Vacant Space is adelaide’s 1st twilight market, created to reflect the amazing work within our urban culture.We welcome you to be apart of our ‘open studio’ experience & enrich your life within a Vacant Space" I'm performing a solo set with Ill Equipt and Grifters Inc. and I'll also have some special guests up on the mic with me for the show with a set mostly from the Monsters LP.
If you don't know Ill Equipt it's Norm, Causer & my mate Traen1 who appears on track 4 on the Monster LP Dreams (as does Social Change). I just copped their Concrete Canvas CD and it's banging.

Who: Chris Bass, Ill Equipt, Grifters Inc. + Breakers, Aerosol Artists When: Sunday Dec. 9th late arvo be there by for. Markets open at 2pm Where: Hindmarsh Square Open air in the middle of Adelaide City. Cost: FREEEEEE!!!

Sunday, November 18, 2012


chris bass, dogbox, monster
The Monster CDs are back, the LP is up for download at  Bandcamp...links below...the preview only shows the first 11 tracks but there are 16 in all.

You can  also buy Monster at iTunes, if you want to pay more, get me a smaller cut and download inferior quality files.  Bandcamp lets you download the uncompressed studio masters, or any smaller format and passes on all my profits.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Chris Bass - Monster - November 16th

It's commit time! November 16th I will hold it in my hands. Now what is that being roughed up on a wall somewhere in Brissy I wonder?

Nick Lambert Shreds The Balloon

OK yet again very slack on the blog side of life. I'll get better. Some of you may know that I recorded the bass lines for the track 'Speaking in Tongues' for the Hilltop Hoods' LP Drinking From The Sun featuring a favorite mc of mine Chali 2na of Jurassic 5 (I also met their DJ, Cut Chemist this year at a RBMA workshop...nice guy). Well now Shredding The Balloon by the Hoods has been single-ised and features my other brother the extremely talented Nick Lambert on guitar. Check it.

Monday, March 5, 2012

Up in the Jam - Chris Bass Hilltop Hoods Remix

Well I wasn't gonna do it then I downloaded the stems and when I heard em together I was like "damn that's pretty nice". So I have a track up on Triple J Unearthed that features possibly my best MC metaphor "I twigged like a twig"...hey I was in a rush to get back to the LP.

Anyway it's got my Bass, Guitars and rhymes over it including a true story ...

Cuts by the magnanimous and talented DJ DL.

Get at it - register on the Triple J Unearthed site and drop a comment...I'd like to hear...

Up In The Jam - Triple J Unearthed - Chris Bass

You're gonna hate me...

OK I got waylaid a little the last week and a half - in-between day-job:

(A)I completed the bed-work for yet another remix of an old Defenders track...including recording a new verse.
(B)I wrote and recorded a verse for a track with my friend Integer called "Every Utterance"
(C)I completed and uploaded a track for a remix comp...not so much looking to win in as much as I heard the stems (producer: Trials) and wanted in. Laid vocals, bass, guitar and a pad-based monster-mash flip of the samples...OK it's the Hilltop Hoods Unearthed comp for Triple J. When it's live on the site I'll holla.
(D) I hit a record fair with DL and have already come up with some ideas for my bountiful haul.

Back to the LP now I promise... the image is a small preview of the sketch for the 18 foot aerosol masterpiece by SBWY SUDS that is the LP cover.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Straight Up -Funk Friday Remix

Back in 2004 I was in a group the Defenders with MC Flak and DJ Snair. The posse track on our LP Self Defense was called Straight Up and featured all of Mindfield, coXster, Shazzy Shae and Kris Edits from After Hours.

After Kris came to visit last weekend I dug up that track, picked 3 verses that would work for remix and laid down some beats, bass and guitar...this is the result...check it on Soundcloud.

I know get on with your album...I did some other non-LP related stuff this week also - stay tuned.